A Comparative Review on the Effectiveness of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Sub Sahara Africa

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Dan-mallam Yakubu Abigail
Dulzalani Bin Eden
Awang Ideris


The dispute cannot be avoided among human beings, what is important is its resolution to sustain peace and tranquility for a cordial relationship between the disputing parties. There are several methods of dispute resolution, these include mediation, conciliation, and negotiation. The negotiation afford both parties a situation of openness and free expression for sustainable peace and harmony among the disputing parties. But this can only be achieved by being sincere, honest and resolute with the agreement reached, that is, holding on to, and abiding by the terms of the agreement. The success and failure of negotiation depend much on disputants behavior and perceptions during the negotiation process. Disputants struggle to resolve their differences by themselves at the bargaining table, unlike mediation and conciliation where disputing resolve their misunderstanding through the assistance of the neutral third party known as the mediator or the conciliator.


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