We Need Your Help: An Evaluation of Students’ Tutorial Experiences in Mathematics and Science

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Ariel Epan San Jose


No one can claim success of any project unless a systematic and well-thought evaluation is conducted. No one either can suggest improvements unless the downside of the project is determined. The main purpose of the qualitative-evaluative study is to determine the successes and failures of the tutorial project of the SPAMAST-Digos Education Department, learn the experiences of the participants, and obtain their suggestions. Using the focus group discussions and in-depth interviews, the research found that students typically found the conduct of the tutorials to be pleasant; most of the tutors used visual-aids; tutors used games; tutors were accommodating and approachable; and generally, the participants believed the tutorials were beneficial for them and that it should be continued. However, the participants suggested that tutors may avoid favoritism, develop more patience, avoid long lectures, write the lecture on the visuals, and give them time to study. Discussions and conclusions were provided. 


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